Friday, July 15, 2011

Seattle Aquarium

I think that some of you out there may be worried that our house has turned into some sort of Dickensonian sweatshop due to my desire to make the summer a productive one.  Never fear, gentle readers.  We are having fun, too.

To prove it, we went to the Seattle Aquarium several weeks ago to have a last fling with our Aquarium membership (thank you friends, for buying it for us!) before it expires.  The Aquarium is located right at the pier on Elliot Bay in Seattle, and it was a beautiful, sunny day.  Perfect field trip weather!

 There was a real diver in the main tank as we came in.  She gave Sawyer a high-5 through the glass.  He was thrilled :).
 One of the poor manhandled starfish in the touch pool.  I really think those starfish and other creatures have a rotten life.  I saw more than one kid (okay, okay--mine included) who weren't using the much-recommended "two finger touch" approach.  Ouch.
 Sharks are way too big, aren't they?  I saw Jaws at an impressionable age, and I can freak myself out about sharks when I'm just swimming in a pool.  {{S h i v e r }} 
 It looks like they are headed into the darkness 20,000 leagues under the sea thanks to my killer camera skills, but all the kids had fun hamming it up with the head-pokey-through-the-scenery-thingies (yes, it's the technical term).
 Sophie looking like a glamorous scuba diver.

 Lukas going all Mr. Roboto with his scuba gear on.
 They had really cool glass art in one section of the aquarium that was supposedly done by 3rd graders.  I'm not sure how that is possible, but it was really fun to look at.
 A seriously huge starfish with legs to spare.

 Why can't everyone look normal at the same time when I try to take a picture?  Honestly :)...
Soaking up the sun and watching the ferries go by.  What a life.

P.S.  I almost forgot: After we went to the aquarium, we got ice cream cones at the pier. Can I just say that coconut ice cream is my new favorite? good.  That is all, peeps.

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  1. Hello cutie,

    Well, I have to say that I've never tried Coconut ice cream!! I will be putting it on my 'must do' list!! I was going to say Strawberry ice cream is my favourite but now I keep having glimpses in my mind of other gorgeous flavours. And now my mouth is watering. See what you've done?!!!



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