Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Night Must-See T.V.

My eyes have been glued to my T.V. screen every Friday night for the last few weeks.  That is unlike me, because with the exception of "Downton Abbey",  I can't think of many shows that qualify as must-see T.V. for me.

The reason for my interest is admittedly biased.  My little brother is on T.V. !  It is true.  He is one of the cast of a new reality TV series called "Bering Sea Gold" on the Discovery channel. 

Like most reality T.V. shows, there is plenty of drama and conflict.  There are some rascally characters who have a hard time keeping their language family-friendly.  So I recommend it with those caveats.

The weird thing about having someone you know really well on television is that it should feel really weird, but it doesn't.  At least not to me.   Maybe that's because I love and respect Ian so much.  For once, someone who is actually a good person can be quasi-famous.

Which is not to say that anyone has shown any interest in keeping up with our family anytime soon--which is a good thing.  Unlike my brave brother, my idea of hell would be to have someone filming my life for weeks at a time.  I have too many moments I'm not proud of.

I am proud of him--not so much for being on T.V., but for being secure enough with himself to let all of America into his life--the good, the bad and the ugly.  He didn't do so lightly.  He has been  a little worried, hoping that the way he was portrayed on the show would accurately reflect the Christ-like person he is trying to become.  That speaks volumes about the kind of man he is.  

Although to be honest, as a big sister, I somehow always remember him as a little kid (he's the one on the far right in the picture below).  You've gotta have someone keeping you humble, right? :)


  1. haha, a Davidson, a Johnson and a Foster. I remember those times!

  2. We watched the first episode last night. How cool (and scary) for your brother. I didn't even realize he had gone up there to do that. Is he the one that we talked about lining him up with Egan?

  3. That pic is classic. Such great families we grew up with.

  4. He went up there to work, but he thought the job had potential to be interesting to lots of people so he put together a four minute video and sent it to a couple production companies. The producers agreed! Yes, I think they went sledding once, and had fun, but no love connection :).

  5.  A classic photo for sure.  Thanks for posting that cute photo.  I saw Ian's show for the first time last night.  Amy told me about it.  Wow, he can really grow an Alaskan sized beard!  So fun to see Ian on T.V.

  6. Wooooh! I'd say that makes YOU famous too!! Now I can say 'I know someone whose brother is on tv'!!! Does that make me famous as well?!!!

    Do you know, I've never watched Downton Abbey. I really must!Sarahx

  7. Hi Sarah! Sure-if I'm famous, you can be famous, too :).

    Yes, Downton Abbey is very fun if you like period drama. Let me know what you think!

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