Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Work Day

One of my friends and I have a kind of funny tradition, but one that we really enjoy.  It is called "Work Day."

We get together for three or so hours and work.  We alternate whose project gets top billing, and then just go to town together.

We have done glamorous things, like these pillows for her to-die-for living room...

I donated the plaid fabric, and she bought the rest.  I did most of the sewing, and she watched my kids for me.  It was so fun to work with such pretty materials--ball fringe and ric-rac are both weaknesses of mine.  

We also had fun putting together the gallery wall for my living room:


We've also done some not-so-glamorous projects, like cleaning out her son's bedroom.  It was nice to know, as I unearthed all sorts of crazy stuff, that I am not the only one with a semi-disgusting, baffling, yet ultimately love-able 14-year-old boy :).  

Either way, it's more fun to do work (and I am less likely to get Decorating ADHD) when I am doing it with a friend.  

We've both had a couple months of craziness, and I've missed the excuse for productivity and companionship.  

It's time for work day again.


  1. So, I'm free Thursday afternoon and would love to exchange sewing for sitting. Or vice versa. Call me. :)

  2. Hey Nike! I wish you lived in WA so this could actually happen. The funny thing is that my friend kept apologizing that I was doing her sewing for her while all she was doing was babysitting, but having uninterrupted time to just sew--even though it wasn't my project--was AWESOME!

  3. I love this!  I will be back!  So cute.  So fun.  Thanks for this.  

  4. That is a fantastic tradition/plan. Most things are better with a buddy! 

  5. I love this idea!! That's what friends are for!!

    And I'm SO glad to see that you postee again. I've been thin king of you a lot, actually, and praying for you too. How are you feeling?


  6. What a great idea.  I have a friend who would be great to work with--- if she weren't in SEATTLE!!! Waaaaaaaah.  Just kiddin'!  Love ya!

  7. I know, Brynn!  I would love to have you as a work day buddy.  LOVE it, I tell you.  Miss you!!!

  8. Thanks, Sarah!  I am feeling much, much better.  Things are quiet here on the blog because they are busy in real life.  But it's good.  Thanks for being such a thoughtful person!


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