Thursday, February 3, 2011

Food Heroin: New Craves in the Making

Uh oh.

I tried two new foods this weekend, and I am already hooked.  Food heroin, anyone?

Number uno:

Candy Cane Trader Joe Joes Cookies

Since I think Oreo's are not worth the calories (I hate the way the filling coats the inside of your mouth--ewww), I figured these peppermint filling-ed chocolate sandwich cookies would be something I was buying for the rest of my family's sake.  My friend, Annie, told me they are addictive.  She was oh-so-right.  I LOVE Joe-Joe's, and I don't care who knows it.  I also think they would be divine dipped in chocolate (of course, what wouldn't, right?).  Maybe for neighbor gifts next year?  Oh, all right--I wouldn't mind having a bunch of chocolate dipped Joe-Joe's hanging around the house, either.

Numero two:

Greek Gods Yogurt - Pomegranate

Oh My--Greek yogurt, where have you been all my life?

I bought a large container of Greek Gods strawberry yogurt and it was l-o-v-e at first bite.  It is so creamy, sweetened with honey (but not too sweet), just enough strawberry flavor.  I chased everyone in my family around with a spoon and made them try a bite.  They all, with the exception of my husband, instantly raised their eyebrows with delighted greed and wanted their own bowl-ful.  My husband, who is not a yogurt lover, still said, "It's pretty good."  Pretty good, my eye :).  It is amazing, life-altering, transformative.  Thank goodness I'm going grocery shopping this morning and can buy some more.

So of my new addictions, I fear that the yogurt one is the only one I can indulge on a semi-regular basis.  One of the lessons learned this weekend is that I am not to be trusted with an open pack of Joe-Joe's in my home.


  1. I'm pretending I never read a thing about Joe-Joe's.... but Greek yogurt, yes ma'am. Unbelievably good.

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  3. Ok, I think I finally got my profile straightened out... It's me, Brynn!

    I've heard raves about Joe-Joe's too! Thank goodness I don't live anywhere near a Trader Joe's. Or have a friend who would ship some to me.... Whew.

    And I agree about Greek yogurt. It's what yogurt is supposed to be. But didn't you get into that when we were in the UK? It's funny that it's just barely showing up in my local grocery store here...

  4. Trader Joe's also has lemon curd, which sounds yucky. However, it's basically like the lemon part of a lemon meringue pie and what's not to love about that? It is to die for on crepes or swedish pancakes and amazingly, you only need about 1/2 a tps because it is so strong. I also have a recipe for homemade OREO's that sounds like the Joe-Joe's. I'm not a huge fan of store bought Oreo's either. Kalyn

  5. I LOVE lemon curd, too! I can't believe we haven't compared notes about how yummy it is. We are our mother's daughters, I guess :).


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