Friday, October 7, 2011

Great Deal at Graveyard Mall

I just wanted to pass along a great deal at Graveyard Mall.  They deal in closeout merchandise, and I have had great success buying light fixtures and sunglasses from them (random, I know).

Anyway, today's Daily Deal is 11 Webkinz for $29.99 plus shipping (mine was $6.99).  Granted, Webkinz have been out for a few years, but my kids and a bunch of their friends still like them.  And, at less than $3.00 a kinz, that is a good deal :).

Here is the link:

Deals like this go very quickly, so act fast!  I am saving mine for thrifty birthday presents for my kids' friends and rewards for my kids.  Let me know if you get some, too.


  1. Maybe I'm slap happy or just out of my mind tired, but this post made me laugh.  For the love of mothers, and what we won't do/find for our kids.  I mean honest to goodness, Webkinz??   :)  Reminds me of those crazy beanie babies!  You are a hoot Erin!

  2. I know, I know. It's a sickness! Maybe I give into the fads (we bough our share of Sillybandz last year, too, I must admit) because I had a sweet mom who was so anti-fad that I felt like I never, ever had anything that anyone else did. I'm still in therapy because of it (kidding!). The practical reason behind the bulk purchasing is that I hate going shopping for birthday presents, so if I can find something worth $15 that costs under $5, that is my sweet spot. Plus I love having it on hand, so I don't have to make a special trip. We go birthday present shopping in a little bin in my closet instead. Oh yeah! Glad I could make you laugh, though, Kate :).


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