Monday, October 3, 2011

Kitchen Improvement #1: Craigslisted West Elm Island

Remember my post about my kitchen and my hopes for making it a little happier and more awesome?

I've been taking some baby steps, starting with purchasing this West Elm island from someone off Craigslist.  It originally listed for $1,400 retail, and I scored it for only $350 despite because of my killer bargaining skills.

Seriously, my attempt at bargaining was pitiful.  I asked the seller, "Would you consider taking more?"  He paused a moment, as both of us considered my novel approach to haggling, and said, "Sure, I'd take more."  I started laughing, and so did he.  I confessed that my confused question demonstrated the full extent of my bargaining skills.  He offered to take $50 off the price.  I blushingly agreed.  Embarrassing.

Embarrassing moments aside, it is a really pretty piece, and it nicely stores all my baking stuff, as well as providing a little space for displaying some fun things.

This recipe book, "Joys of Jello" was my husband's Grandmother's from the 1960's.  There are all sorts of scary recipes in there!  But it helps me stay true to my time in Utah.  Go green jello!

A few of my favorite aprons.

Clock from IKEA.

Here's a closer view of the shelves underneath, with my favorite pretty cookbooks (my cookbook folders are in the right-hand cupboard), some tea towels I use to line bread baskets and cover rising dough with, vintage rolling pins and a pitcher in my favorite blue.

It's a happy spot in my kitchen visually, and has helped things function better, too.  That's fundamentals and fripperies in a nutshell, right there :).

Have any of you found something lately that improves your kitchen's form and function?  I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. I love it!  And the story of your mad bargaining skills-- hahahaaa!  I love that you have The Joys of Jello. I mean, that's what life is all about, right?

    The one thing that would improve my kitchen right now would be a new paper towel holder.  Our second lovely plastic one has now died (helped along by oldest daughter) and I really just want to find the exact same one so I don't to drill new holes.  I've been looking around, but evidently everyone is too classy for the white plastic under-the-cupboards model anymore.  I don't want to put them on the counter and have one more thing taking up valuable counter space that could go to bills and school papers piling up....

  2. Forgot to add, I love the handles on your island as well!  And that top!  It's perfect.  I bet it makes you happy every time you look at it.

  3. I love that!!! Would you take more?!!! That's so funny. You've made me chuckle to myself!! I'd say you got a TOTAL bargain, so you must have done something right!!


  4. Hi Sarah! I know--I made myself chuckle, too.  At least I can laugh at myself.  And my momentary embarrassment was worth $50 to me :). 

  5. Hi Laura! I know, "Joys of Jello" is a hooooot :). It makes me smile every time I see it at the sheer frighteningness/ridiculousness of it.

  6. Oooohhh, what a BEAUTIFUL piece!

    Deborah ♥♥
    (visiting happily from hope you can drop
    by and say hi!)


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