Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 Goals: The Reckoning

Last year, I took a bold step and put my yearly goals on my blog, in hopes that putting them out there would prevent my usual lazy loser approach to keeping New Year's resolutions.  I am tentatively confident that there was some wisdom in this, because this has definitely been one of my better years in terms of setting and achieving goals.

So, here is the breakdown:

  • Be more conscious of what and how much I'm eating.  
Check!  I tracked my food on the iphone app "My Fitness Pal" pretty consistently from January through October.  Since then, I've been monitoring myself a couple times a week. 
  • Do 30 minutes of heart healthy exercise a day
Mostly Check!  I've been averaging exercising 4 times a week.  I either do videos at home or go walk/running.  I've started exercising with a friend most days, which helps keep me motivated.
  • Do as many sit-ups and push-ups as I can in a row before getting into the shower.  
Fail, but not really... So, I never actually did that, except for maybe two days in January.  I decided instead to do circuit-training workouts that incorporate resistance exercises and cardio, so I'm actually doing more than my goal.

These healthier habits have resulted in losing 15 pounds this year, which feels great.  


  • Continue reading the scriptures and praying daily. 
Sometimes check... There is a reason why this is a goal for me every year.  I would say I average 4 days a week? 


  • Organize one area in my home at a time, starting with the most problematic area first and working methodically. 
Sort of check.  I have made some progress is some areas (my room, the living/dining room), but I haven't exactly made the whole-house sweep I was planning to.


  • Decorate one area at a time.  
Check!  I have been much better at just working on one area at a time until I am done, rather than doing a little here, a little there.  I am 90% happy with the living/dining room.  I am 80% there with the master bedroom.  I decorated Damon's room as a surprise for him in the Fall.


  • Brainstorm with my husband about what is most important for each child right now and work on doing that thing.  
Fail!  I have been thinking about this, but I haven't really ever brainstormed with my husband, which I think is the most important part of this goal.  It's a good idea, though!
  • Figure out a reasonable system that encourages our kids to be more responsible and self-motivated with their chores, homework, etc.  
Partial Check.  I have done three different mutations of chore charts this year.  Each has had its pros and cons.  Bottom line, all require parental follow-through, and that is sometimes lacking on my end.  I feel like we've made some progress this year, though, and I am planning on continuing to make progress this next year in terms of encouraging responsibility among my kids.


  • Start a book group.  
Check!  This has been great!  I should have started one right when we moved here instead of languishing friendless for so long...  It's nice to have a reason to read and wonderful people to share my thoughts with.
  • Put a little more thought and effort into date night.  
Partial check.  I'd have to give myself a B- for date night thought and effort, but that has been movement in the right direction.  This is probably just an attempt at pitiful self-justification, but maybe it's actually okay that we keep our dates simple--that I don't even mind the occasional Home Depot date (and truthfully, that would be something I'd suggest long before Aaron would).

All in all, I think I had a good year last year.  This optimism may be inflated by the fact that I am usually a pretty terrible New Year's resolution keeper, but I'll take it.   


  1. Ok so can I request that you quit your book club and come back to ours? I kind of figured you would say no but just asking. We miss you! Will you send us your book list for the past and coming year. We need some ideas.

  2. I'm glad you did this.  I'm great at setting goals but then I forget the day of reckoning.  I only set ONE goal this year:  get more sleep.  So far, so good. It helped that I had the flu for a week and went to bed at nine each night... Looking on the bright side!

  3. That is a great goal!  I should add that to my list of things I'm trying to do this year.  Really.  Enough sleep makes everything work better.  And yet, I find myself staying up too late, enjoying the heady feeling of having the house all quiet after my kids go to bed.  Shame on me :).


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