Thursday, February 7, 2013

2013 Goals

Given that 2012 was one of my better years in terms of goal-setting and achievement, I've decided that I'm going to make posting my goals on the blog a yearly tradition.  I should know by now that I work better when there is some sort of social pressure involved (whether real or perceived).

So, with no further intro (since time's a-wastin'--it's already February!), here is what I'm planning on:

I feel like I set the same goals every year for spiritual, which are to read my scriptures and say my prayers daily, and I pretty much fail every year, some years being better than others.  I think that instead of concentrating so much on the every day part, I need to make sure that the way I pray and study the scriptures actually helps me live my life better and draw closer to God.
  • Pray with a dual purpose every day--recognize and thank God for specific blessings, and recognize and ask for specific types of help.
  • Using my current needs as a guide, plan on studying the scriptures topically.  I will study what I want to study, write about it or blog about it and change topics when I feel like I'm ready for a change.
I made some great progress last year and managed to maintain my good habits over the holidays (huge accomplishment!).  However, I am ready to keep progressing and becoming healthier and stronger. And okay, I wouldn't mind being a little thinner, either.  However, I find that if I concentrate more on losing weight over healthy habits, it's easier for me to flake out--I am just not quite vain enough or something.  If my goal is to be healthier, weight loss is just a by-product of doing something nice for my body, and that feels like a more positive and respectful way to approach myself.  Besides, I don't have any desire whatsoever to become an extremist about food--life is too short, food is too tasty and I like looking like a woman.
  • Track my food using My Fitness Pal.  It is tedious, and annoying, but I am changing some lifelong food habits here.  It's going to take longer than 6 months to do that.  When I track, I end up making more healthful food choices and being more consistent and realistic about my calorie intake, which is the big secret to lasting weight loss.
  • Exercise 5 times a week, rather than the 4 I've been averaging.  I do an interval or HIIT-type workout, but as the weather gets nicer, I'll start getting outside and walking/running.
I need to start making some strides toward having a career again someday.  To that end, I want to:
  • Research some possible career paths that I might be interested in.  Find out what I would need to do to get from where I am now to there.
  • Reach out to my contacts in the academic world and see about the possibility of teaching a Sociology class locally or online in the meantime.
  • Research for a possible book or blog idea based on research-based best marriage and family practices.
  • Invite friends and their families, if applicable, over for dinner twice a month.
  • Invite friends out with us on date night a couple times a month.  We love to talk to each other, but it's fun to include others in our plans, as well.
I have some roll-over goals from last year.
  • Brainstorm with my husband about what each child most needs from us.  Set goals for how we can meet those needs.
  • Be more consistent with the kids and their chores--make sure there are consistently implemented rewards as well as consequences.  We have a good system in place, but it requires every day, consistent follow-through (mostly by me, since Aaron doesn't get home until 6:30 or 7 most nights).  There's the rub :).  I just need to quit making excuses and do it.  
Organizational/Decorational (yep, I know--not a word)
  • Drastically reduce the amount of stuff in the garage, and organize what's left over.  It is so easy to just dump stuff and run, and there is a decent amount of stuff out there that either needs to find a new home in someone else's home, be thrown away or be put away inside the house.
  • Help organize and decorate the rest of the kids' rooms, starting with Sophie and Lucy's.
There it is.  I'm excited for a new year of doing fun stuff and becoming a better person.  

What about all you awesome people out there?  Are you setting any New Year's resolutions?


  1. Love it Erin! I need to write mine down too, although they are spookily (I love using made-up words) similar to yours.  ;o)  I'm adding in that we need to do a fun "official" family meeting on a regular basis, and really need to be consistent with chores with the kids too. 

    I agree about focusing on healthy habits rather than losing weight. I'm aiming to make it to my conditioning and yoga classes regularly and looking for a good belly-dancing class to take! 

  2. I love making up words.  I just like using the best word for the situation, so if I can't think of one, I like to make one up.  I like to think this is a charming trait, rather than something that makes me an eccentric weirdo :).  Sounds like you are going to have a great year!  My sister-in-law did a belly dancing class and really loved it.  Great exercise for your core, and made her feel very alluring and feminine.

  3. Erin - I want to be more like you!

  4.  This post helped with the conviction process.. especially in the Lenten season... to focus on goals (healthy and attainable goals).  I truly need to reflect, review and write my own!  Thanks sweet Erin!


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