Friday, January 21, 2011

Be very afraid

Warning: the following post contains subtle references/innuendo about excrement, so if you are squeamish or live in a fairy world where you don't have to deal with such realities, you may want to pass on this one.

This morning, I was was wasting time on the computer doing housework, when I noticed this pile of orange peels:

They were fresh, and they were all eaten by one person:

That is a heckuva lot of oranges for a three year old's system.  Especially one whose mom is still changing his diapers.   

I am afraid to see what the next day will bring, if you know what I mean... 


  1. Mercy... I'm not sure what I'm more concerned about, the foretelling of what's to come or the fact that your little man actually peeled all those oranges?!?

  2. Kate, I should have made it clear that they were the Satsuma mandarin oranges, which are way kid-friendly. You're right--if my three-year-old could peel normal oranges so easily, I would have bigger concerns (ie what is he going to do next?--build a bomb in the basement? or worse yet, figure out the child locks on the outside doors? :) ).


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