Monday, March 7, 2011

And the Winner Is....

Well, my acute camera problem has been alleviated by my sweet mom's willingness to share her camera with me until I can blackmail convince Aaron to get a new DSLR :).  Only joking! (at least about the blackmail--deathly serious about the camera...)

I thought I should post some pictures of the actual haircut.  I know anyone who loves me enough to read this has been waiting on pins and needles and everything, right ;)? Just so you know, after all my bluster/messing around on the makeover tool, I went for a cut I've probably had about 20 times in my life.  I always seem to end up with the same haircut.  Shorter, longer, same basic thing.  Sad, but oh so true.  Someday I am going to shock and awe with a totally different look, but apparently not right now.

Anyhoo, it may not be completely revolutionary, but I highly recommend this Heidi Klum-inspired haircut.  Here are some things you can expect from it:

This is the end of a long, tiring, day (or maybe that's just my new look?  scary :) ).  But this haircut is versatile.  You can expect it to look good even when you don't :).

It also looks great when you are kissing a smoochy baby.  Lucy is so chill about being smooched on all the time.  Oh yeah, people love me--so what else is new?

It looks great when your face is expressing--what would you say this is?--chagrin?

It even looks good when you are glaring at your 15-yr-old son for using his Grandma's borrowed camera without your permission.  

Of course, then I proceeded to rope him into using the camera some more by taking pictures of the haircut.  Such mixed messages--bad mom!


  1. I love it. You look gorgeous.

  2. Thanks, Annie!!!! I wish I would look as good with a shaved head--it would be so practical...

  3. I think it's lovely-- and the fact that it still looks good at the end of the day is awesome! Hey-- is that your new couch in the background?

  4. That is my new couch--well spotted! I finally have camera up and running--will post soon.


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