Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flakamentals and Flakeries

I am a flake.

It is true.

In the space of two weeks, I have offered to do two favors for friends and completely, utterly, and blissfully (well, at least blissfully until I remembered) forgotten to do the favor.  It's kind of like that Seinfeld bit where he talks about the difference between taking and holding a reservation, with the holding being the most important part.  Anyone can offer to do a favor--it's the doing that counts.

Oh man.

The first was to pick up milk for a friend.  We buy milk from a dairy with a drop-off location near our house (cheaper than delivery).  The milk is really good, so we're willing to do it.  My friend has picked my milk up many, many times, so I offered to pick up hers for a change.

Nice of me, no? 

No---because I forgot I didn't need to order milk that week and so I didn't go.  And she had such a busy day, she figured I just had her milk in my fridge and didn't call me until the next morning.  So her milk had been sitting outside in a un-iced cooler for 24 hours.  And it was my fault!  Cringe.

But really, that was small potatoes compared to what I did yesterday.  At church on Sunday, I talked to a friend whose son is currently in the hospital.  I felt so bad for her that I immediately offered to bring her dinner.  Ironically, she is the head of the committee that usually organizes bringing meals to people after they have a baby or when a family member is in the hospital, etc.

Anyway, she graciously accepted my offer and said I could bring her something the following night.  Perfect.  Unless of course, you are flakier than a good croissant and completely forgot.  I even thought about their family a few times yesterday, sending up a little prayer for them each time--but my thick-headed memory was completely un-jogged.

This morning, however, I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten and felt like I would rather crawl in a dark hole somewhere than have to call my poor friend and admit that I forgot about her...

Really--am I that self-centered? 

I know I'm busy, but I don't think I'm busy enough to justify these two omissions in only one week.

I did take a casserole over today to make up for my lameness.  Maybe I need to make her some cookies, too.

I need to get a better calendaring system, clearly.  The embarrassed, pit-in-my stomach feeling is only now starting to subside.  Sheesh.

And tomorrow I have milk pick-up again.  Wish me luck!

Now I want to know (if only to make myself feel a little better): what have you forgotten recently that made you want to crawl into a hole?  Please tell me I'm not the only one experiencing early-onset senility when it comes to good intentions....


  1. Oh you poor thing, I really feel for you. I've been there too, so don't worry! I don't think it's self-centredness at ALL, it's just being kind and then being busy. That sounds much better, doesn't it?


  2. Don't beat yourself up too much! We've all had "those" weeks...I need to work on my calendar too!!


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