Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break Rusted

Well, we have Spring Break this week, so all the kids are home from school. Today was a good day--we did some cleaning/dejunkification in the morning, some of the kids played with friends in the afternoon, we went out to dinner at Taco Time where they have the coolest soda dispenser ever and we watched Secretariat (which I expected to love and instead have mixed feelings about). 
One day down, five to go, and this is the weather we are looking forward to (taken directly from the USA Today website):

The days ahead

HI 47 F (8 C)
LO 39 F (3 C)

Light Rain
HI 46 F (7 C)
LO 36 F (2 C)

Partly Cloudy
HI 48 F (8 C)
LO 37 F (2 C)

HI 55 F (12 C)
LO 39 F (3 C)

I know I live in Western Washington and I know it rains a lot here.  I am just emotionally ready to be able to go outside without getting wet for a few days.  And what exactly is the difference between showers and light rain, anyway?

I really, really hope the good people at USA Today aren't lying about Friday being sunny, because I think if my kids and I are cooped up indoors all week together there just might be trouble...

That is all.

Well, almost all at any rate.  If anyone has some good suggestions for keeping kids busy and having fun that don't involve television or the computer (since we're pretty good at using those already ;) ), I would love to hear them!  Umbrellas optional...

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