Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Upside of the all the rain

is moss.

It is not good for roofs or masonry, but I love the varigated, technicolor green it drapes over trees and walkways and pretty much anything else that will stand still long enough here in Western Washington.

This is a close-up of a tree I love driving by every day this Spring:

It was a delight to get out and look at it up close.

Oh happy Spring!


  1. Oooh, lovely!! My daffodils are dead, so I'm waiting for the next blooms to come in. :) Thank you so much for the visit today! :)

  2. So furry and beautiful! I can't wait to see more photos of your spring. XOL

  3. This post reminds me of my mom... only it pertains to dry southern spanish moss :) Every year on summer holiday, my mama would pine after that spanish moss hanging on the trees! She wanted to cut some so bad & bring it back to Ohio, but of course its an unwritten rule of S. Carolina land that you DO NOT cut it.

    So I can just picture you getting out of your car, staring at YOUR moss... and me yelling in the background "Cut it mom! Cut it and run!" :)

  4. I was talking to my mum about this just today and saying how pretty moss is...but that there's a fine line between gorgeous and mossy, and small swamp!!!! My garden doesn't always know the difference!!



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